VXN Wellness Foundation

VXN Wellness Foundation is a global sisterhood whose mission is to foster a safe space for women to find support, encouragement, and the resources they need to remember their gifts, embody their power, and actively create a more aligned lifestyle for themselves and their children. 

Our commitment is to provide resources, education, and a wellness environment that encourages individual responsibility, personal growth and collective empowerment.

By mindfully curating and engaging in experiences that stimulate self exploration, encourage authentic expression, and enhance community connection, we are creating long-lasting change within ourselves and on the world around us.

As we grow our non-profit, we are committed to partnering with other small businesses who are also serving the community. Built on our commitment to sisterhood and showing up for one another in the face of adversity, we will continue to fight the good fight and stand strong in our devotion to finding balance in the system around us, so women can roam freely without fear, as nature intended for it to be. Together, we aim to make the world a more balanced place, one whole human at a time.

If you or anyone you know, could use support right now, please reach out to us any time. Don't wait, we're here.