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Since '15, The VXN Den has held space for events, workshops, education classes, fundraisers, and celebrations of all kinds. We believe that while everyone's wellness journey is different, genuine community engagement, and the support we allow ourselves to receive within it, is a tool we can all mutually benefit from on our journey's.

Since we all have varying interests and experiences we feel most comfortable connecting in, we not only host our own events, we also offer our indoor/outdoor space to facilitators and producers who want to bring the community together in their own way.

From Yoga, Breathwork, Women's/Men's Circles, and Sound Healings, to Holiday Markets, Birthday Parties, and every type of Music event you can think of, the space transforms into your wildest dreams! If you've got an idea you want to bring into reality, answer a few questions below and let us know.

We look forward to meeting you!